Technology & Standards

Technology & Standards

SNTG’s IT framework and processes are aligned with ALTA Best Practices to ensure security, information confidentiality and data integrity at the highest level. We take compliance and CFPB regulations very seriously as they are mandatory practices within our company.

Technology Infrastructure

Through our trusted US based technology partners, our data and email servers are hosted at a world-class data center supported by certified engineers 24/7/365.

Network Security

Our network is monitored by state-of-the art Intrusion Detection technology which includes features such as: Intrusion detection/attack blocking, web content filtering, edge device level anti-virus/malware, VPN and load balancing, robust audit logs.

Compliant Records Management

SNTG has teamed with CertainSafe™ a web-based, off site “Compliant” secure data storage
vault that gives SNTG and our client the ability to store and retrieve MicroEncrypted™ and MicroTokenized™ documents and data of ANY type in the safest of ways.

Certain Safe

Resware and compliant with alta best practices

SNTG also employs the use of ResWare ™, a secure and customizable settlement software that reduces workload and saves time by automating the settlement process. ResWare™ contains a powerful and comprehensive document management system for managing any and all types of documents scanned, dragged and dropped, emailed, or otherwise uploaded into the software. Read More »


Email System – Highly secure and encrypted Digital Link Protection (DLP) based email systems

The American Land Title Association has implemented “best practice” guidelines for securing email communications and SNTG takes proactive steps to ensure the protection of sensitive, non-public personal information (NPI). SNTG uses highly secure and encrypted Digital Link Protection (DLP) based email systems. DLP technology automatically identifies key information such as social security numbers, drivers’ license numbers, and bank account numbers. Next, the secure technology encrypts your email and presents your recipient with a secure data link. Our secure email ensures we are in compliance and taking action to protect valuable consumer data.

Computer Workstation and Security Measures

  • Employees’ access to user data and Internet granted by management based on project/client assignment
  • Remote desktop connection via secure VPN controlled by management
  • No access to public domains
  • Use of data recovery devices such as floppy disks, CD/DVD ROMs, USB devices, and external HDDs prohibited
  • Clean desk policy – No printing allowed

Our Employees

  • Strict background checks.
  • All employees sign Non-Circumvent and Confidentiality Agreements.
  • Training on security protocols.
  • Use of cell phones and voice recording devices prohibited.

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