Realtors-How to Avoid Miscommunication

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Good communication with clients can be critical to your success as a real estate agent. In our tech savvy world, we now have so many different ways of communicating with each other—whether that is through Facebook messages, cell phones, Twitter feeds, email, voicemail… However, with so many different ways to communicate with each other, there are just as many ways to miscommunicate.
For example, if a new client calls you and leaves a message on your voicemail, but you haven’t checked your office voicemail for a couple of days and hence have not returned the call, this client may become upset with your apparent lack of communication. The same situation could occur if a client emails you but you just don’t check your work emails regularly.
Although your intentions may be good, you may be better at responding to some forms of contact over others. However, in order to adequately offer a professional level of service to your clients, you must respond to them in the same manner with which they contacted you. For instance, if a new client contacts you via Facebook with a message, the best way to respond to him or her is in the same manner: with a return message on Facebook. If another client calls your phone and leaves a voicemail at the office, responding similarly by returning the phone call is expected.
At the beginning of a relationship with a new real estate client, the best course of action is to establish from the start a preferred mode of communicating with each other. In other words, if you generally check your email much more frequently than your voicemail at work, there’s no harm in suggesting to your new contact that he or she connect with you by email, rather than by leaving voicemails at your office.
However, do keep in mind that your client is in the driver’s seat in this relationship. A successful real estate agent will take care of a client well by communicating with that client in the way he or she prefers. So, if your client sends you a lot of Facebook messages, using Facebook as your means of contacting each other is advisable. Remember, establishing good communication strategies with your clients is one of the most important elements of implementing a successful business plan in the years to come.

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